Hello Art Revolution Users,

I started Art Revolution in January, 2015 as a bold attempt to change the art industry. I wanted give independent artists around the world a free platform to show and get feedback on their art as well as sell their art without being forced to pay a commission. I wanted to give people access to this art in an organic way that didn‘t feel forced or contrived or feel like they were being marketed to.

Over the course of the past 2 years we‘ve seen thousands of artists upload tens of thousands of pieces of art to our platform. Thousands of people have enjoyed this art across the world! Unfortunately not enough of them were actually purchasing the art and not enough artists were paying enough of a commission. We‘ve run out of money and options and as much as we’d like to continue or pivot in a different direction, we‘ve shut our doors :(

We really appreciate your support and hopefully we‘ve made a positive impact on your life to some degree.

Keep creating, stay groovy and good luck to all of you!


Morgan Lang